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Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey is a Defense Attorney for Misdemeanors

Colorado separates its misdemeanors into three distinct categories. Class 1 misdemeanors involve such crimes as Third Degree Assault while Class 3 misdemeanors, the least serious, involve relatively non serious allegations such as Criminal Harassment. The distinction between misdemeanors and felonies is that someone found guilty of a misdemeanor cannot be sentenced to the Department of Corrections. They can, however, be sentenced up to 2 years in the County Court jail system for some Class 1 misdemeanors and up to 6 months in the County Court jail for Class 3 misdemeanors. While misdemeanors obviously carry less criminal liability than do their felony counterparts, a misdemeanor conviction under Colorado law can nevertheless have devastating consequences for a Colorado citizen.

In the modern world, virtually anyone can access criminal records, so a misdemeanor criminal conviction can create very real and permanent problems. For instance, a convicted citizen will have to admit to a misdemeanor criminal conviction if so asked on an Employment Application, Loan Application, Application for Housing, as well as in many other civil settings. Even those applying for loans and grants, applying for admission into institutions of higher education, or seeking to become certified in many licensed vocations such as nursing and teaching can suffer denials based on misdemeanor convictions.

Many misdemeanor convictions carry with them long periods of Probation, mandatory counseling which can be onerous and expensive, extensive Court costs, and many other difficult obligations imposed by the Court.

The Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey is firmly dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected not only as to those who are charged with very serious felony matters but those who are charged with less serious misdemeanors as well. We fully understand that a criminal conviction of any kind can have lasting consequences for our clients and we are absolutely committed to the protection of their long terms interests.

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