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Attorney Mark S. Hanchey is originally from Louisiana and graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1986, majoring in Government. He was named both a Distinguished Military Student and Distinguished Military Graduate.

In 1989 he began his active duty tour at Fort Carson, Colorado and he remained on active duty for four years. During his tenure at Fort Carson, Mr. Hanchey served as a Legal Assistance Attorney, a Special United States Attorney assigned to the United State's Magistrate Court, and a Trial Defense Attorney.

The Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey continues to practice primarily Criminal Defense and is committed to the ideal that everyone has the right to affordable and effective representation concerning criminal charges. Mr. Hanchey still has a very active practice on Fort Carson and the other surrounding Air Force installations as well.

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I have been doing this a long time. I have tried Homicide cases and Traffic tickets. I have seen the real and practical effects that criminal charges have on individuals and their families. I have seen the inevitable human wreckage left in the wake of criminal convictions and the often horrific sentences which follow them. Wreckage in the form of severed relationships, parents being separated from their children, homes and livelihoods lost, and lives forever shattered.

I have learned in my 25 years of practice that without an effective advocate, criminal Defendants in this state will be absolutely ran over by a system that is uncaring, unlistening, and often profoundly unfair. If you are charged with a crime the caption on the top of your case will read “People of the State of Colorado vs. YOU”. You will be faced with a District Attorney’s Office which has dozens of trained lawyers, investigators, and support staff all of whom are committed to finding you guilty and exacting the most harsh sentence possible, regardless of whether or not it is otherwise just.

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Thankful for Hanchey
I was arrested and charged with some very serious offenses, not so much because of what I did, but because of my comments after being arrested. As time went on, I could see that I was being punished for what I said vs. what I was accused of. I have been in many serious situations during my long military career, but dealing with the DA’s office made all those dangers seem like child’s play. The DA’s office truly made me feel I was guilty until proven innocent, and treated my wife with utter disrespect during the early period of my case. Therefore, I thank God I was smart enough to hire Mark Hanchey to represent me during this very confusing and difficult ordeal. Subsequently, Mr. Hanchey went to work for my family and I, and my situation quickly began to improve. At the end of the day all charges were dismissed, and I am now on the road to having a normal productive life once again. The initial reason I chose Mr. Hanchey to represent me was his outward display of utmost respect for my family, and his understanding of the impasse we were now facing. The other lawyers I interviewed were of two varieties, too cavalier or too intense. Additionally, Mr. Hanchey’s retention salary was very competitive for such a respectful, caring and competent attorney.
Thankful Client

On April 28,2016 I was arrested for a serious situation. I knew I needed help. The first two attorneys I called did not answer the phone. I then called Mark Hanchey. Thank goodness they answered the phone. I met with Mark and found him to be extremely professional. He asked me what my concerns were and wanted to know what I wanted to do as a final outcome. I told him. We went over my options. I knew I was in hot water. Within a month I was out of hot water . Scot free. My advise to anyone in a similar situation, if you want to mess around,, call someone else. If you want out of hot water now, call Mark. I did and couldn't be more pleased, Thank you
Cliff L.

I highly recommend Mark Hanchey for your attorney , he made me feel at ease with my situation, and handled it with no problem ! He is very knowledgeable and I can tell very respected in the court system, wasn't to expensive with his fees like other attorneys are and is willing to work with you!
Over all a great attorney and I would definitely hire him again!
Krystal P.

I was referred to Mr. Hanchey by a friend. I was in a serious situation and I would never had made it through without the help of Mark. My family was nothing but impressed with Mark's knowledge and communication to us concerning all aspects of the case. I never left his office not understanding what was going on. As my friend did, I also would HIGHLY recommend Mark's services.
A Client

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