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Great people who care
Sammy S.

Highly recommend!
I highly recommend mark hanchey for your attorney , he made me feel at ease with my situation , and handled it with no problem ! He is very knowledgeable and I can tell very respected in the court system , wasn't to expensive with his fees like other attorneys are and is willing to work with you ! Over all a great attorney and I would definitely hire him again!
Krystal P.

Very Knowledgeable and Quick to Reply
Mark is very knowledgable and does an amazing job as an attorney. I would highly recommend his services. He is quick to reply to any questions or concerns. He is very diligent and hard-working.
Tiffany M.

I remember vividly the day I came to Mark, I was in an incredibly hopeless state of affairs. I had already spoken with various attorney's regarding my situation. The news I kept receiving was quite grim. The nature of my case dealt in the most severe of DUI incidents. By the time I found Mark I was at the point of losing all hope for a normal future for myself, and my family.
I remember the day I sat with Mark in his office. I explained my situation, and he gave me his honest opinion. He believed that we would get through this, even though the circumstances were extreme. He believed, even though I didn’t, there was hope.
After my meeting I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was the attorney that would make a difference in my case.
Looking back I now realize this process could have been absolutely worse for me, as well as my family, if I had not put my life in this incredible attorneys hands.
Mark is an expert in his field, he proved that to me when he took on my case. Mark is the kind of attorney who will work for you, and at the same time he truly cares about you, and your loved ones. Mark is a truly gifted attorney, but he is also compassionate about the predicaments that we sometimes find ourselves in.

Very impressed!!!
I was referred to Mr. Hanchey by a friend. I was in a serious situation and I would never had made it through without the help of Mark. My family was nothing but impressed with Mark's knowledge and communication to us concerning all aspects of the case. I never left his office not understanding what was going on. As my friend did, I also would HIGHLY recommend Mark's services.
A Client

Great for Military Families
Came to Mark after meeting with two other attorneys who were not so professional and not feeling comfortable with them. Mark was able to ease my daughter's anxiety, was very professional and gave her all the pros and cons that she needed upfront. Everything was kept in the open and she was very much informed on the steps that was taken. As a military family we need someone who can represent us and trust that they will have our family best interest. I would highly recommend Mark.
A Client

Excellent Trial Attorney
I hired Mark 12 yeas ago to represent my boyfriend at the time who was facing a class 1 felony charge.
Over the course of three appointments as Mark and I waited for my boyfriend , who never did show up and ultimately went the with a court appointed attorney, I came to respect his professionalism and knowledge of the law. Two years later I recommended Mark to a friend, also facing a class 1 felony charge under seemingly hopeless circumstances. My friend had been to several other attorneys and things really did look grim . Mark took the case to trial and won. Over the years I have recommended Mark to others with positive results each and every time, the most recent being in 2011. I highly recommend this attorney to anyone facing criminal charges and willing to participate in their own defense.
A Criminal Defense Client

Down To Earth, Good Guy
Mr. Hanchey listened to what we had to say. He was straight forward and confident. I liked the personal contact. When we'd call and leave a message, he (not his secretary) would actually call us back. He's very friendly and appears to be a good guy. He was willing to go to trial, but the case ended up being dismissed before then.

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